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NOTD: Holografska in duochrome kombinacija! Slojenje je zabavno!

Swatch: Color Club - Wild At Heart and Sally Hansen - Nail Prisms - Garnet Lapis (layering)

Wow, it’s hot outside. It’s sunny and hot. I like summer and sun and everything but a bit of rain wouldn’t hurt at the moment. Isn’t it funny how we always complain about weather? It’s never just right. It could always be … a bit better, right? But today’s post isn’t about the weather, it’s about my manicure of the ...

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Depend – Holographic laki za nohte (opis, ocena)

Comparison: Depend - Sand Grey (2026) vs. Color Club - Love 'em, Leave 'em

Končno dobra izbira holografskih lakov za nohte tudi v naših drogerijah! Jap, prav ste prebrali. V DMjih so na voljo luštni holografski laki za nohte in še za znosno ceno. In veste kaj? Na voljo je kar 12 odtenkov! Seveda pišem o Depend lakih za nohte s holografskim efektom. Z Gejbo sva se podali na lov, ki se je uspešno ...

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Swatch-i: Naključni izdelki znamke Pupa


A couple of weeks ago I’ve been to a Pupa outlet store near Venice, Italy. I took the opportunity and bought some cool eyeshadows, colored mascaras and an eyeliner. I bought mascaras in fun summery shades – turquoise and purple. The purple one is a bit too dark to be considered as a fun bold purple mascara, but the turquoise ...

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Opis in ocena: Misslyn – Peacock LE (duochrome laki za nohte)

Swatch: Misslyn - Peacock LE: 729 - Leguan

The other day I went to the local drugstore just to see if there’s any new limited editions and stuff available. There were no new displays, but I did find some interesting nail polishes by Misslyn. Four of them caught my eye and I impulsively bought them, because they looked like awesome duochrome nail polishes in the bottle. And you ...

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Miks tedna: Nakup, EOTD, Poli …

Mix of the week: 2012-01-25: Haul

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit absent in the past month or so. There’s no particular reason for that (and at the same time there’s tons of reasons, but I’m not going to talk about them). I guess the main reason is that I’ve been giving a lot of energy in this blog in the past three years ...

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