Sweetscent: Lovers Moon, Green Pearl, Daze Nearly Matte, Saguaro Cactus, Possibilities, Bright RedSweetscent: Lovers Moon, Green Pearl, Daze Nearly Matte, Saguaro Cactus, Possibilities, Bright Red

Spring is in the air and I have slowly stared to reach for more lively eyeshadow shades. :cute: Remember the testers we received from Sweetscents a while ago? Today I have for you next 6 swatches: Lovers Moon: light green-yellow shade I mostly use for highlighting; Green Pearl: is mainly gray eyeshadow with just a […]

Sweetscents: Cream, Butterfly, Warmth Glow, Warmed Bronze, Taupe, Midnight BlueSweetscents: Cream, Butterfly, Warmth Glow, Warmed Bronze, Taupe, Midnight Blue

I guess it’s no surprise if I tell you that Sweetscents pigments are my favorite mineral eyeshadows. :silly: Together with eyeshadows you can win in our 2nd birthday giveaway, we received bunch of samples for Parokeets ladies. :w00t: Children are less excited over presents than I am over new Sweetscents “baggies”. I have to try […]

Black box “in the mailbox”: It’s Illamasqua!!!Črna škatla v “nabiralniku”: Illamasqua!!!

Yesterday was a special day! It’s was Parokeets’ birthday! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we started our little blog. It’s been amazing two years. When I look back I’m really proud of my Parokeets ladies. I get really emotional when I think back. I better don’t go into details, because I’ll just […]

FOTD: Extremely daring hot pinkFOTD: Izjemno drzen in … roza

Well, pink really isn’t my color and I don’t know what happened to me a few days ago, when I created this particularly bold hot pink look. And what worries me the most is that I liked it. I think it turned out even better than I hoped it would. Of course it’s nothing that […]

Sweetscents e/s swatches part 2Sweetscents swatchi mineralnih senčk 2. del

In second part of swatches are eyeshadows that I use almost every day. Also those are swatched over ArtDeco eye shadow base.First three: Perfection, Kia and Imani. Second three: Tibetan Ochre, Burgundy Shimmer and Tangerine. V drugem delu so senčke za vsakdanji make up. Prav tako so tudi tukaj poslikane čez ArtDeco bazo. Prve tri […]

Sweetscents e/s swatches part 1Sweetscents swatchi mineralnih senčk 1. del

Some swatches of my favorite e/s. They are all swatched over ArtDeco eye shadow base (btw. also my favorite at the moment).First green and blues: Majestic Green, Mermaid and Peridot. Second part: Tropical Sunrise, Cornflower and Crescent Moon Witch one is your favorite? :cute: Nekaj swatchew meni ljubih senčk, sploh barve so mi res čudovite. […]

FOTD: Everyday Green FOTD: Everyday Green

Goga and Maestra joined forces to shape my eyebrows. They did such a great job, that I simply had to show you the end result. Then again, we laughed so much will styling the brows, that I’m glad I have any left. :haha: Make-up is nothing special – everyday MU with mostly green eyeshadows and […]