It’s finally time to present you post we received in our New challenge and new opportunity giveaway.

We loved all three posts our readers Cathy, Matejcka and Ribica contributed. All three of them are published HERE.

We gave all the authors some extra time so they could translate posts in English if they wished. Two of them decided to do it while Cathy chose not to, so we published her post in Slovenian. At the end of the voting we’ll add up the votes from the English and the Slovenian part of the blog.

Dear readers, now is up to you to vote for your favorite post. You’ll find the poll on the right side of the blog.

Let us remind you what is the main prize this time for the author of the post with majority of the votes.

“Wining author will receive ten instant eyeshadows Eye Majic in three color combination by her choice.”

Little hint for all of the competing authors – everybody can vote. Even your friends, family, coworkers, Twitter and Facebook groups …

Poll will close on the 5th of October at 10pm (GMT+2).



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