You know what, guys? It’s time for another fun game! With Halloween knocking on our doors, we thought it would be fun, having a Halloween special.

Send us a photo of your Halloween themed manicure and we’ll post your pictures on Halloween day on our blog.

Here’s an inspiration for you…

Halloween manicureAnd that’s not all!

One lucky participant will get one new bottle of Swing Velvet nail polish from Essie

Essie - Swing Velvetand a Stampy Set from Essence (the old one with special polish included) plus a surprise! How cool is that?!?

Thanks to Čarodejka, that contributed a beautiful nail polish Swing Velvet.

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. a samo eno fotko? kaj pa če mam isto manikuro na 3 fotkah? a vseeno samo eno zberem? hmmm težko delo :cry:

  2. waaa :w00t: super
    imam že eno primerno manikuro :wink: (koliko različnih pa lahko pošljemo? :blush:)

  3. juhuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…. to bo neki fajnega!!
    sam eni pač nismo neki full nadarjeni ampak se trudimo  :skull:

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