Thank you for all the comment on What’s in the photos? post. Some of the comments were really funny and we loved each and every one.
You are really amazing! This time second comment won the prize! Bloo was the first one to give the full correct answer about what does photo collage represent. This is her answer from Slovenian part of the blog:

“gift packages, given by companies listed on the right side …”

Congratulation, bloo!

Bloo has earned package full of Essence products, contributed by Dominur company.

Gift pile

Here is the list of products:

  • All Over Highlighter – 01 Illuminate!
  • Compact Powder – 02 Bronzing Star
  • Soft & Natural make-up – 01 Ivory
  • Sun Club Summer Skin
  • Eyeshadows – Boogie Night, Summer Love, Dress To Impress
  • Glossy Lipbalm – Mango Daiquiri
  • Polishes: Multi Dimension – Superstar, Colour & Go – Rock Rebell, Silky Pastel – French White, Click & Colour – Chilli Red

This if the Essence pile Bloos gift came from. Other products are waiting for our next lucky winners.

Essence pile

Are you wondering what else is on the photographs? Those are the products donated to our readers by following companies:

Sweetscents gifts are not on the pile since they’re donating their gift certificates.

As you can see here is still lot of gifts to be won, so be prepared for the numerous games still to come. :D

We would like to than all the participants in this game. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Big thanks also goes to the companies that contributed gifts. You’re the greatest!

P.S. Bloo – please send us email to collect the prize.


  1. Mamy bom še naprej pridno komentirala :biggrin:

    lunca hvala :rose: včeraj sem imela pa res srečo…sem ravno prišla domov in odprla blog in videla, da še ni odgovorov :cool:

    gejba hvala :rose: se že veselim nove igrice :w00t: a bo kakšen contest? :silly:

  2. ČEstitam čestitam :D ČEprav bi lahko kdaj – ne bolj zakomplicirano ampak hmm…bolj težko? ne tudi ne…no tako nalogo dale, da ne bo že 1.odgovor pravilen :D Čeprav ne dvomim, da bi od bloo bil usak pravilen, ker je idej imela itak 20 :D
    Samo tako…če kdaj katera nima časa gledati bloga usaki 2uri :) Ste pa super, da boste razdelile toliko darilnih paketkov :stars:

  3. Glasujem za najbolj duhovit komentar, tudi od bloo, citiram: “kolaž predstavlja slikce, ki jih je važička posnela z novim canonom ”
    :haha: :haha: :haha:
    Čestitam nagrajenki! Res vas čaka še cel kup luštnih nagrad! :wink:


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