Are you ready for another fun game? This time you have to guess, what does the collage photograph represent? Leave your guesses in the comments. Multiple guesses per person are allowed.

What's in the photos?

The game runs until we get the correct answer.


  1. jagodka meni so vse zoye prekrasne :wub:

    kolaž predstavlja slikce, ki jih je važička posnela z novim canonom :biggrin:

  2. Maybe it’s your vanity :D
    or all the gifts you got for new year
    or all the gifts you gave for new year
    or your favourite products of 2009
    or your favourite products from this year

  3. Just posted that comment but it doesn’t appear on this page…I really suck when it comes to computers :haha:
    Here are my guesses:
    Is that a photo of all the prizes you’re giving away to celebrate the blog’s 1st b-day?
    Perhaps they’re the products that you have been sent by different brands for you to try out and review on the blog?
    Are they sponsored gifts you received to give away in the games?
    They could also be a huuuge haul one of you guys (or all of you) did recently.
    They could be some of the stuff you bought to review on the blog since you started last year.
    Finally I’m thinking it could be one your (or all of your?) stashes? (mmm don’t think so though as I can’t see any Ciaté paintpots)
    that’s it, I can’t find anyhting else

  4. bloo, ne ne vem odgovora…ampak, da slučajno ne uganem prepuščam vam vse ugibanje. :cool:
    Rečem pa, da je zagotovo na sliki en lakec, ki je tako čudovit, da mi vsakič ko pogledam sliko pade v oči. Tista Zoya, čisto spodaj, na sredini. :stars:


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