In our CND: Colour – Raisin In The Sun + Effect – Copper Shimmer post we invited you to participate in game in which you had to guess which two CND effect Gejba bought.

First one to correctly guess was (Slovenian part of the blog)…


February 27th, 2010 at 18:38

I have no idea, so I’ll just try to guess => Sapphire Sparkle and Scarlet Shimmer

Congratulation, Tassa! CND: Mango&Coconut 59,2ml and Black Currant&Fig 59ml losjon + Cuticle Eraser,donated by NailSpa, are yours.

The picture is symbolical.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaa. Ne morem verjet. :shock:  Noro! :w00t: HVALA! Tega pa res nisem pričakovala.
    Aja, Gejba, ja, si zgleda res kar očitna. Sem se postavila v tvojo kožo, kaj bi tebi bilo všeč. Sama bi izbrala samo enega od teh dveh. :nails:  :biggrin:
    Hvala vsem za čestitke. :rose:
    Ja, goga, zdaj bom pa diškala. :wub:  Jeeeeh!


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