Ebony shimmer – nice brown taupe colour. It’s suitable for everyday use and I like it a lot.

Firefly – more bronze colour. I use this one very rarely. Do you have any idea with what colours should I combine it?  What should I put all over the lid and what should I put in crease?

Sweetscents Ebony Shimmer Firefly swatch
Ebony Shimmer, Firefly swatch

Forest matte – dark grey matte colour (which I don’t like). I kinda don’t know how to use them. This one would be probably good for liner only. Do you maybe have any other suggestions?

Onyx & Diamons – nice dark colour with silver shimmer. It has more shimmer than other eyeshadows so you might end up with shimmer all over your face.

Sweetscents  Forest Matte Onyx & Diamonds swatch
Forest Matte, Onyx & Diamonds swatch

All swatches are made over ArtDeco eye shadow base (ESB).

I like Ebony shimmer the most from this group. Maybe it says shimmer, but it is very easy to use and you don’t get shimmer all over your face. Sometimes I just wear it all over lid by itself and that’s it



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