Parokeets ladies are busy-bees – sorting entries for giveaway, preparing post with photos from the challenge … It will be couple of days before we have everything ready for giveaway closure.

We prepared few posts for you while we’re busy with giveaway and challenge.

As you already probably noticed, we have a smaller or larger makeovers on blog every once in a while. We try to take into consideration yours and ours wishes, make technical improvements …

This time we’re asking for few minutes of your time. We would me really grateful if you fill out survey at the end of the post. Your opinions count a lot so we would like to take into the consideration as many of your wishes as possible.

Survey is completely anonymous, so please feel free to write down everything you want. But since we still wanted to organize small giveaway for those of you who wish to participate, we added the last field in which you have to writte down two words:

  • choose nickname – preferably longer one with numbers (will be publishes if you win the prize);
  • secret password –  known only to you (and us), so we can verify the winner. And don’t forget to write it down.

Big thanks goes to our Facebook fans and friends who helped out with ideas on how to host anonymous giveaway.

Giveaway prize: Essence all overy plate, Choose Me, Undead?, Thirsty!, Konad stamper&scraper, Manhattan Quick dry no. 710T.

We will keep the survey up for a week.

Survey is now closed. Thank you for your input.



    • I know how that feels. :biggrin:
      I would say it’s more realistic to say that post will be ready tomorrow morning. There is still lot to do and we’re getting tired.

  1. Girls – you’re fantastic! Love your ideas/comments … :bow:
    Some of them will be implemented as soon as possible. :yes:

    I’m like an addict – I want moreeeee of your wonderful suggestions. :biggrin:

  2. Napisala sem samo vzdevek, in pozabila na geslo :( Sem mislila da bosta dva različna okenčka za vpisati ime in geslo :(


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