Last three lipsticks from my haul are MAC ones: Fafi – Strawbaby, Violetta and Saint Germain.

MAC lipsticks: Strawbaby, Violetta, Saint Germain
MAC lipsticks: Strawbaby, Violetta, Saint Germain

Strawbaby is one from Fafi LE. It’s interesting because it has blue and green shimmer.

MAC Fafi Strawbaby swatch
MAC Fafi Strawbaby lipstick swatch

Saint Germain pink and very pigmented lipstick. It needs to be blended with brush (why?.. you can see it on pic below :D ).

MAC Saint Germain swatch
MAC Saint Germain lipstick swatch

My favorite from this bunch is Violetta. You can check that one in my previous post – here.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions which lip brush should I buy and where?


  1. I’d suggest to use your finger to blend it, it’s more natural that way. I don’t like lip brushes very much because they are stiff and drag the colour instead of blending it.

  2. Tudi meni je najlepša Violetta (komaj čakam da se dokopljem do nje :) ). Jaz imam kar nekaj lip čopičev največ pa je v uporabi tisti ki sem ga kupila v Sephori in sicer iz njihove platinum professional kolekcije…


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