Inglot Zagreb haul swatch
Inglot Zagreb haul swatch

One quick photo of all goodies:

Inglot Zagreb haul
Inglot Zagreb haul

And swacthes (again click on photo to see it in full size):

Inglot Zagreb haul swatch
Inglot Zagreb haul swatch

Powder is really good. On me it is not so shimmery (maybe only top layer looks shimmey, but after few usage it is ok). Eye shadow was must have for me (lately I’m in love with lilac-violet-magenta colours) so that’s why I bought full size. Blush is more pigmented (my hand is a bit tanned) and I use it for countouring.

Lipstick is one of my favorite and I made one more swatch for another post (coming up in few days).

Hope you liked it. Have a nice day.


  1. Lipstick is fantastic … especially on you. :yes:
    I love the highlighter and use it quite a lot. If blush 24 was available in freedom palette it would already be mine.

  2. I can’t believe I’ve just missed a 20% off at Inglot… I forgot all about it! It was a day event, just remembered next day! Oh well, I’ll have to wait for the next one!

    • How could you miss 20% off :w00t: :w00t: :silly:
      I still have smth on wish list, but Inglot is way too far for me. The nearest is in Zagreb 200km away :stars:


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