Hello lovely ladies!

First of all I would like to thank Gejba and Maestra for takig care of blog and writing nice posts. I haven’t wrote for about 2 months

Anyway I’ve been shooping as always and I’ll show you what I’ve bought.

One of my new goodies is Sleek palette Monaco from Mediterranean collection.

Sleek i-Divine Monaco palette swatch
Sleek i-Divine Monaco palette

It has all kinds of colours from vibrant to down toned. I like shimmery most, because I have feeling that are more pigmented than matt one and also are more creamy and I find the more easy to apply

Seek Divine Monaco palette eyeshadows
Seek i-Divine Monaco palette
Sleek Divine Monaco palette eyeshadows
Sleek i-Divine Monaco palette

Swatches on my hand were made over p2 eyeshadow base.

Sleek Divine Monaco Palette Swatch
Sleek i-Divine Monaco Palette Swatch

Look at that Magenta Madness. I’ve looking for that kind of e/s for a long time (I fell in love with Sweetscents Magenta, but I already used it).

Sleek Divine Monaco Palette Swatch
Sleek i-Divine Monaco Palette Swatch

So what do you think? Would you buy it?

I also have Curaçao on my wish list.


  1. Ooo, Goga! Super te je spet brati! Sicer mi je pa paletka všeč, včasih kar pogrešam malce bolj odštekane barve v svojem arsenalu. Vsaj za popestritev temnejših. Kiwi Zest in Moors Treasure sta mi res super!

  2. Lepa! Jaz sem se odločala med to in Curacao in je slednja zmagala. V tej se mi zdi, da je preveč svetlih odtenkov, ki jih ne nosim. Zmaga pa seveda Magenta, ki je prečudovita. :wub:

  3. Don’t worry, the Parokeeets ladies have taken good care of us in your absence. They’ve done some EOTD with their palettes. We’d love to see yours.

  4. Colors in this palette is beautiful. I already have Storm and Bad Girl, and now I hunt for Oh So Special and Au Naturel nude (it will be August 31) …
    I’ll tell you frankly that I am afraid of strong colors on my eyelid, but very colorful make-up of any other person I really like!

  5. Luštne barve. Jaz sem se odločala med to in Curaçao in na koncu vzela slednjo, ki mi je zelo všeč. Take super poletne barve ima. :wub:


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