Mauve Over, Milkshake, Port

I actually really wanted OCC lip tars but then when Slovenian on-line stores got Sleek Pout Paints I went crazy.

First I ordered two Mauve Over and Milkshake and a while ago also Port. I’m obsessed with them. Especially Mauve Over is one of my favorite. 

Mauve Over, Milkshake, Port
Mauve Over, Milkshake, Port - swatch

As I mentioned Mauve Over is one of my favorite. I’m already thinking of getting another one just to have it when I use up the first one 

Mauve Over - lip swatch

Milkshake is a bit to light for my skin type, but anyway here it is.

Milkshake - lip swatch

I tried to mix Mauve Over and Milkshake and here’s what I got. Not bad at all. 

Mauve Over and Milkshake mix

Port is one of my latest purchase. I wore it twice till now and I like it so far. It will be great for fall make up.

Port - lip swatch

And a bonus photo.. my new hair cut. 

hair cut
New hair cut

I’m also wearing two of Pout Paints: lower lip Milkshake and upper lip Mauve Over.

What do you think? I’m crazy, right? 


  1. Frizura zmaga!!! Noro dobra! :drool:
    Pout Paints-e imam, a jih ne uporabljam kaj preveč. Kaj pa vem. Preveč dela in packarije je z njimi. Enostavno se nisem navadila. Super so mi za kakšne editorial zadeve, za vsakodnevno uporabo pa se nisem navadila. Neke ful dolge obstojnosti pa tudi nisem opazila.

  2. Lovely colours! I have Milkshake and Minx, only problem I get is that they don’t really stay long? And my Milkshake is still really watery. :( Do you know how to get rid of that? I thought it’d be gone after 2 applications but it’s still runny…


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