Essence edt Parokeets giveaway

Hey ladies!

Long time no see. 

I got a chance to try out some new Essence fragrances we received as one of the gifts – part of the Essence blogger event.

So the first one is LIKE A DAY IN PARADISE.


Before I even read the description I smelled the Piña colada cocktail. Which is one of my all time favorite. It is really suitable for hot summer days. It’s not too much sugary and it is very fresh fragrance. It’s like summer in a bottle. I only dislike the lasting power which is like about 2 hours.

Description form Essence web page:  fine, white sandy beach, clear turquoise water and the pleasant feeling of the sun’s rays on your skin. this warm, floral and sunny fragrance whisks you away on a trip to paradise and spreads a pure summer feeling with its lemon, magnolia, apple and coconut milk scent!

[one_third]Top note

  • peach
  • lemon
  • rhubarb
  • black currant

[one_third]Middle note

  • magnolia
  • apple
  • freesia


[one_third_last]Base note

  • sandalwood
  • vanilla
  • coconut milk


Second one is LIKE A PARTY OF MY LIFE.


First when I opened the bottle and smelled lilly of the valley and lemon, after that nice sugary scent (maybe too much for my nose, but still ok). Then I tried it on my hand to see how long it lasts and first smell is from the citruses (lemon and orange) after that jasmin and last vanilla and sandalwood. I really liked it  since I love vanilla scent. Smell is soft and not too much annoying. It lasted for almost 4 hours. And after few hours I could only smell vanilla which I like.

Description on Essence web page: exuberance, fun, great music and your best friends: those are the nights that should never end! vibrant, floriental and mysterious, this fragrance contains citrus fruits, jasmine, rose and sweetness of vanilla as well as musk to convey the feeling of a party night that will never be forgotten! we love to dance.

[one_third]Top note

  • lemon
  • orange
  • apricot
  • hyacinth
  • lily of the valley

[one_third]Middle note

  • osmanthus
  • jasmine
  • rose
  • violet

[one_third_last]Base note

  • vanilla
  • musk
  • sandalwood
  • cedar wood



Must say that both are a quite good value for price (in Slovenian drugstore about 7,49€ for 50ml and 3,49€ for 10ml).

Suitable for young girls or maybe also Maybe also for older girls like me as an every day fragrance   smilies

Till next time…

P.S. Giveaway is this time open only to the Slovenian girls due to the nature of the prize. But we will soon host one that will be international.


  1. I got a small bottle for my makeup case and I bought the ‘Like a Party’. I really liked it and will probably get a new one to take with me on holidays. The size is good enough for that purpose, unlike the Travalot-type atomizers.

  2. Like a Walk in the summer rain je ful fajn vonj, ker je fuuul svež. Ampak izmed teh, ki jih ti podarjaš pa je Like a walk in a paradise ful fajna kr je tak yummy in sadna ^^

  3. lep giveaway.tale day in paradise mi ful lepo diška,tko da upam,da bo sreča na moji strani :D od essence parfumov sicer najraj nosim onega iz vampirske l.e. :)

  4. Ravno sem porabila zadnje kapljice Like a trip to NY. Tale dva se oba zelo zanimivo bereta, sploh Like a party of my life je čisto po mojem okusu (vonju :)?). Like a day in Paradise si pa predstavljam v vročih poletnih dneh in se mi prav stoži po morju :).

  5. Meni je bil zelo všeč Like a day in spring, mislim da je bil nekak tako ime, zelo lep vonj, škoda ker ni bolj obstojen. Ampak ker je tako majhna embalaža sem ga imela vedno v torbici in ga nanesla večkrat čez dan. :)

  6. super giveaway! :))
    Like the party of my life meni super diši, ta drugega pa še nisem imela priložnosti povohat. :) bi pa bla obeh zelo vesela, si še ne lastim nobenega essence parfumčka. :)

  7. I tried these at the store yesterday but didn’t really like any of them. I do like the ‘Like a first day of spring’ and ‘Like a girls’ night out’. Btw, the smaller bottles are great for travelling. I bought the latter in one of this for a recent trip and I’ll probably do the same next time I go on holiday. Much more convenient and will last longer than those Travalo-type atomizers.

  8. Se popolnoma strinjam glede opisa Like a Day in Paradise, čisto kot pina colada :). Sem ga ravno v nedeljo stestirala in me je zelo pozitivno presenetila obstojnost. Od essence vonjev sem imela le like a First Day in Spring, ki diši zelo podobno kot poletne Escade, je pa zelo slabo obstojen.

  9. Sama nisem imela še nobene, bi pa rada preizkusila Like a day in paradise :) če prav razumem je to v redni prodaji? V DM ne vem, če sem ga že zasledila…a je mogoče, da ga imajo samo v Mullerju?

  10. Lep giveaway :) te essence parfume imam zelo rada, like the party of my life imam že drugo stekleničko :) drugače mam pa od njih še en parfum, ki mi začuda zdrži cel dan. se pa na žalost zdaj ne spomnim imena.


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