Affiliate programs

For a long time we weren’t really sure if we wished to join affiliate programs or not. Not because there is anything wrong with them in general, but we weren’t really sure which companies are reliable and which are not. Some proved to have poor customer service, some don’t have quality products …

Lately our blogger friends have been speaking highly of few companies so we checked them out and decided that we will try it out and see how it goes.

This is how will affiliate programs work on our blog:

  • we will add their link/banner in our sidebar, but the reviews of their products will still be our honest opinion. We don’t do paid/biased reviews for anybody;
  • If affiliate links actually generate products we will use them for giveaways, reviews, comparisons …
  • this page will be regularly updated with the links of current affiliates so you’ll be always sure who’re we currently affiliated with.

For our first affiliate we chose Sigma as they came with highest recommendation from our friends. Basically if you click on their link on our website/Facebook page etc and you like something on their website to buy we will: receive a 10% commission on purchases made by new clients using your affiliate link. You will also receive a 1% commission on purchases generated by your sub-affiliates. Sub-affiliates are clients that have become new affiliates by clicking on your affiliated link. (source:

We love Illamasqua’s products so it was no brainer that we joined their affiliate.