Gabi Nedič

40-year-old skincare enthusiast with major crush on mat lippies and once upon a time had an insane nail polish collection. If oily/sensitive/dehydrated skin is your issue and you are sucker for knowing more about the ingredients, welcome my friend. :D You can read more about me, my skin, and all other preferences HERE.

Zoya – Asia

2 layers + topcoat Essie Good to go. Picture is taken in sunlight.

Jessica – Midnight Moonlight

2 layers + topcoat Essie Good to go. Picture was taken in direct sunlight. Indoors color turns into few shades darker.

Jessica – Merlot

Beautiful dark red nail polish but I had time hard time applying it because of its jelly base. I needed 3 layers to achieve even application.

Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 1

Last week we received Sweetcents order we were looking forward to for the last few weeks. We ordered few sets of Sweetscents's Christmas collection mineral eyeshadows. They come packed in 5g jars and cost between 6 and 17 dollars for set. LE Christmas 2008 collection is available until 31th January. We ordered...

Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow

I read on beauty forums that new Bourjois liquid shadows worked great as base for mineral eyeshadow so I just had to try them out. They come in following shades: Beige Metallique (33), Brun Magnetique (32), Gris Platine (35), Molecule d’Or (31), Rose Acier (34), Rose Electron (38), Bleu Electrolyse...