Swatch and comparison: Essence Metallics Trend Edition - Nothing Else Metals vs. Alessandro Go Magic! Twist - Bombastic Brown

Swatches, review and comparison: Essence Metallics TE – Nothing Else Metals

Finally, Essence Metallics Trend Edition is here and I got a few things! Of course all the polishes were already sold out. I was lucky and got the last one! Yay! I got the Nothing...
Halloween 2010: Spider On Your Nail manicure by Maestra

Halloween manicure: Spider On Your Nail

I know I'm a bit late with my Halloween design. What can I say? Time flies. I can't believe it's almost Halloween and after Halloween it'll be Christmas in no time. ...
Swatch: Magnetic polishes do work with kitchen magnets!

Test: Do the kitchen magnets work with magnetic polishes?

The answer is: Of course they do! Why wouldn't they? A magnet is a magnet. Only the patterns are different depending on the magnet you use. Some of them don't create...
Swatch: Alessandro - Go Magic! Twist: Blue Chic, Wild Purple, Bombastic Brown

Quick swatches: Alessandro – Go Magic! Twist (magnetic polishes)

Finally they are here! The long awaited Alessandro magnetic polishes or as they call them: "Effect nail polishes with the magnet stamp." The collection is called Go Magic! Twist and it contains four shades....
Maestra's B-day manicure

A day to remember … 10.10.10 and my B-day

- - - 10.10.10 - - - What a great date! Three tens ... And you know what? It's also my B-day today! Yay! I've had a great time today. I spent it with my wonderful...
Swatch: Alessandro - Go Fashion! collection

Alessandro – Go Fashion! (new collection of minis)

Alessandro released a new collection of eight mini nail polishes. They named it Go Fashion! As usual the price for the 5ml bottle is 3,95€. Again, there are some lovely colors in the collection....
Alessandro - Turquoise Ocean swatch

Alessandro – Turquoise Ocean

The only polish I bought from the Alessandro summer 2010edition mini polishes was Turquoise Ocean shade. Color? Every once in a while I see green tone to this medium blue polish, but then I...

Alessandro: 281, 285 in 291

Tokrat so me očarali trije odtenki Alessandro lakov, od leve proti desni: 281, 285 in 291. Prvi, 281 je črn v osnovi s srebrnim šimrom. 285 je rdeče do ciklamne barve z zlatim ali rdečim šimrom,...

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