Depend - Magnetic nail polishes (6000, 6011, 6008)

Depend Magnetic nail polishes (swatches, review)

Depend is seriously rocking with their limited editions - Holographic, Magnetic and they're launching Mirror in the fall. They're on the fast track of becoming one my top 10 brands with...
Comparison: Depend - Sand Grey (2026) vs. Color Club - Love 'em, Leave 'em

Depend – Holographic nail polishes (swatches, review)

Finally some nice variety of holographic nail polishes even in our drugstores! Yes, that's right, there's nice holographic nail polishes available in drugstores for reasonable price. And they come in 12...
Depend: 35, 54, 129, 206, 243, 249, 5002, 5005

Depend: 35, 54, 129, 206, 243, 249, 5002, 5005

First time I met Depend polishes was when a friend of mine brought them to me from Sweden. I liked the cute minis, so I was glad when they became available...

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