Guest Post - OOTD: Poppy Fields

Guest post: OOTD Poppy Fields

Gejba: I asked one of my friends (her nick is Snow White) if she would be willing to write outfit post for our blog. Here is what she sent me ... When...
H&M: U Must Have This, Bella's Choice, Aquatini, bottles

H&M: Bella’s Choice, U Must Have This and Aquatini, swatches

Today I have for you three blue H&M polishes. Well, two blue and one turquoise one. At first glance they look alike, but they're not. With great difficulties I managed to capture the true...
Swatch: H&M - Creme de la Creme

H&M holographic polishes in the sun

Mamy showed almost all of the H&M holographic polishes to you the other day. Unfortunately when she swatched them, there was almost no sun at all. And you know, that holos need sun to...
H&M - Red Nail; swatch, bottle

Today is the day for H&M – Red Nail

I love red polishes. I used to believe that there is no prettier polish color than red, but my horizon has stretched very far since then. Nevertheless my love for the red polishes is...
Comparison of 16 matt liquid lipsticks

Comparison: liquid matte lipsticks

"Hello, my name is Gabi and I am matte-o-holik." :D Every time matte finish makes a comeback, I get the urge to go out celebrating. Matte lipsticks/nail polishes/eyeshadows are my obsession, which gets bigger...
H&M - Grey Sky + China Glaze Sci-Fi + Fauxnad A05 konadicure

H&M – Grey Sky

Slovenian H&Ms got mini individual polishes. I bought 2: Grey Sky and Blue Sky. Grey Sky was first one I tried out ... and fell in love. What's not to love in...
H&M flowers in my hair

With flowers in my hair

Follow my blog with bloglovin In the summer I like flowers in my hair. I think it looks very ... well ... summery. :D I bought these flowers in H&M and I'm satisfied with them. What...
H&M - Lipglosses Fall 2011

Cute (stackable) lipglosses by H&M (review, swatches)

Stackable lipglosses! I've never seen them before (at least not with the doe foot applicators). When I saw these I just had to have them. They are so cute. There are six shades stacked. Four...

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