Kiko 340+343 konadicure with Essence image plate

Stamping with Kiko 343 (Verde Primavera) and 340 (Celeste)

I was in a hurry yesterday and forgot to show you in previous post how Kiko 343 works as stamping nail polish. I used Essence all over image plate and Kiko 340 as a...
Kiko Celeste 340 and Verde Primavera 343

Kiko Celeste 340 and Verde Primavera 343

You chose Kiko 340 (Celeste) and 343 (Verde Primavera) for first two swatches from my last Kiko nail polish haul. Uuu - blue and green ... I just knew you guys will pick something...
Kiko red lipstick with red eyes make up look by Maestra

Maestra’s Favorite Summer Products: lipsticks, lipglosses and blushes

Part three of my favorite products for summer. Today I'm going to show you my favorite lipsticks, lipglosses and blushes. Lipsticks and lipglosses IsaDora Jelly Kiss lipstick in the shade 57 Coral Punch is a simple...
Maestra's Summer Favorites (July 2012): Urban Decay Naked Palette

Maestra’s Favorite Summer Products: Foundations, Contouring, Highlighting

I enjoyed watching "My Favorite ..." videos on YouTube lately, so I thought you might also be interested in my favorite products at the moment. I'm intentionally not calling this post "My favorite products...
Kiko July 2012 nail polish haul

Kiko nail polish haul

I got back from Kiko store with bunch of new nail polishes. I was really exited to see that their nail polish discount was still on, so I splurged a little bit.
Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)

Kiko Blu Inchiostro nail polish (no. 335)

Meet one of my favorite Kiko nail polishes - no. 335 aka Blu Inchiostro. You already met Kiko 335 - I used it as a base for Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Today I'll how...
Kiko magnetic nail polish: 702, 705

Kiko Magnetic nail polishes: 702 and 705

Couple of months ago, Kiko jumped on magnetic nail polish bandwagon. They launched 8 shades of magnetic nail polishes and one diagonal (stripes) magnet + they recently added star magnet to their line. I...
Kiko Blooming Origami LE haul

Review and swatches: Kiko Blooming Origami LE

One of the things that I find really handy are jumbo eyeshadow pencils. The problem is finding ones that will stay on my oily eyelids. For instance, NYX ones don't work for me. I...

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