Max Factor

Max Factor: Mini make up kit

Haul: Max Factor’s mini make up kit

Today I bought a mini make up kit by Max Factor. I thought it was good value for money. I paid 7,99€ and that's how the kit looks like. Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss in...
Make up: Rockin' Egyptian look by Maestra

Rockin’ Egyptian Look

Today I have a fun look to share with you. I named it Rockin' Egyptian look. The name was inspired by one of the eyeshadows I used and because there is a lot of...
FOTD MAC, Alverde, Sweetscents, TSS

Today’s FOTD

for work... I used: - ArtDeco eye shadow base - MAC Shadestick in black - The She Space mineral e/s - olive green for all over the lid - Sweetscents - Egyptian sands for upper lid and a little...
Manhattan - Intensely red lipstick

Red lips

I was very bored so I took my red lipsticks and made some photos. I usually don't wear red lipstick, but I like it a lot. Maybe I should wear it more often.
Swatch: Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat 04 + Shine Tech - 35 with Konad IP m64 + make up

Deborah KOTD and green EOTD

Here's the konadicure made with two Deborah polishes ... I don't like the combinations of these colors very much.  What do you think? But I'm quite satisfied with the make up I made...

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