Illamasqua present

Black box “in the mailbox”: It’s Illamasqua!!!

Yesterday was a special day! It's was Parokeets' birthday! I can't believe it's been two years since we started our little blog. It's been amazing two years. When I look back I'm really proud...
Products for the Hot Pink and Purple make up by Maestra

FOTD: Extremely daring hot pink

Well, pink really isn't my color and I don't know what happened to me a few days ago, when I created this particularly bold hot pink look. And what worries me the most is...
MNY 761 swatch by Parokeets

MNY 761

I'm not feeling well, so today I have one of the archive photos from you. Third (and the last) MNY polishes I own - MNY 761. I love the deep green shimmery color of this...
MNY polishes: 265, 761, 145 bottles

MNY 265

I got MNY 265 and 761 besides MNY 145 polish. How I adore those cute little numbers instead of names ... not.  MNY 265 is one of those hard to name berry...
layering MNY 145 over black

MNY 145 swatch

MNY 145 is one of the three MNY polishes a friend brought me from Germany. They combined gold flakies and purple shimmer in transparent pink base. I used three layers ... and...
Swatch: Isa Dora - Graffiti Nails: Yellow Crew over MNY - 761

Swatch and review: Isa Dora – Graffiti Nails – Yellow Crew (crackle polish)

Isa Dora came out with a fantastic range of polishes. They named them Graffiti Nails, but we polish fanatics know them as crackle polish. I hope and wish these aren't going to be only...

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