Once again Nubar Prism Collection

I already wrote about blue Nubar Absolute polish HERE. I didn't expect you'll like it so much. Thank you for all the comments. Just for you I hurried with swatches of my...
Nubar: Absolute, bottle

Nubar: Prism Collection, Absolute

For me, Nubar holographic polishes are one of the prettiest holo polishes out there. I have four from this years Prism Collection Spring 2010. They're not very pigmented so you'll need at least three coats to...
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife

Comparison: Nfu-Oh 125 vs. Nubar Wildlife

How alike are they? Both have olive green base. The closest green I can think of is moss green. They're both true chameleons that need sun to shine in all their beauty. Nfu-Oh #125 is...
Nubar Diamont top coat bottle

Fake or Not: Nubar Diamont top coat

A while ago Maestra and I bought Nubar Diamont top coats on Ebay. A lot of bloggers complimented Diamont's fast drying time, but after I tried it out couple of times, I can only say...
Color Club - 220 Volts and Friends, bottles

Color Club 220 Volts and Friends

While the heat in the city just wont go away, I decided to spend my time layering polishes. Meet the actors in todays play. I used neon blue creme Color Club -...

NOTD: Nubar Pinot NV3

Nubar Pinot

Never say never

I can still remember how much I disliked Nubar Rich Berry the first time I tried it on. I was with friends in coffee shop, and I told them I hated the shade and...

Nubar – Peacock Feathers

Lepotec med dvobarvnimi oziroma "duochrome" odtenki... Nubarjev Peacock Feathers. Osnova je temno modra. Barve se prelivajo od modre, vijolične do zelene. Čudovito prelivanje barv, ki jih je bilo izredno težko ujeti v objektiv. Nanašanje je...

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