Swatch: OPI Germany Collection 2012 - Every Month Is Oktoberfest

OPI – Germany Collection 2012 – Every Month Is Oktoberfest (swatch)

Gejba showed you her OPI Germany Collection minis in her previous post and today I am going to show you my only buy from the Germany collection for Fall 2012. Every Month Is Oktoberfest is...
OPI Germany Collection - Ger-minis

OPI Germany Ger-minis

I don't have love relationship with OPI nail polishes, but every once in a while they release either collection or individual shade that looks interesting and I have to get it. OPI Germany collection is...
OPI Black Spotted

Inglot matte palette and OPI Black Spotted haul

Thanks to Saša and two of her friends I was finally able to get my claws onto 2 things from my WL ... and these two were very high up. Thank you, girls.
Mix of the week: 2012-01-25: Haul

Mix of the Week: Haul, EOTD, Poli …

Maybe you've noticed that I've been a bit absent in the past month or so. There's no particular reason for that (and at the same time there's tons of reasons, but I'm not going...
Pink Challenge Day 4: Essie - Knockout Pout + Water Marble by Maestra

Pink Challenge: Day 4 by Maestra

For the fourth day of the Pink Challenge I have something special for you. It's time for water marble! Maybe you are wandering why this is special. It's special for me, because this is...
Green make-up look with Eldora C107 false eyelashes

Two green make-up looks

A while ago Malin, one of our Slovenian readers, asked me if green is one my favourite colors. Well, I love almost all colors and right now green may be one of my favourites....
Swatch: OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean - Stranger Tides

Review and swatches: OPI – Pirates Of The Caribbean (two shades)

I'm not going to talk (or rant) much (more) about OPI's Pirates Of The Caribbean. I'll just copy-past my words from my previous post. "I get it … The turquoise of the Caribbean sea and...
Pirate's manicure: OPI - Silver Shatter over Essie - Dive Bar and Konad - m70

Inspirational look: Maestra, The Pirate Of The Caribbean

I'm a huge fan of Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and of course a huge fan of Johnny Depp. I can't wait to see the last movie. Have you seen it...

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