Products for the Hot Pink and Purple make up by Maestra

FOTD: Extremely daring hot pink

Well, pink really isn't my color and I don't know what happened to me a few days ago, when I created this particularly bold hot pink look. And what worries me the most is...
Sweetscents Perfection, Kia, Imani

Sweetscents e/s swatches part 2

In second part of swatches are eyeshadows that I use almost every day. Also those are swatched over ArtDeco eye shadow base.First three: Perfection, Kia and Imani. Second three: Tibetan Ochre, Burgundy Shimmer and Tangerine.
Sweetscents Tropical Sunrise, Cornflower, Crescent Moon

Sweetscents e/s swatches part 1

Some swatches of my favorite e/s. They are all swatched over ArtDeco eye shadow base (btw. also my favorite at the moment).First green and blues: Majestic Green, Mermaid and Peridot. Second part: Tropical Sunrise, Cornflower...
Sweetscents: Golden Green, Imani, Egyptian Sands + Alverde Silky Grey

FOTD: Everyday Green

Goga and Maestra joined forces to shape my eyebrows. They did such a great job, that I simply had to show you the end result. Then again, we laughed so much will styling the...
Make up: Rockin' Egyptian look by Maestra

Rockin’ Egyptian Look

Today I have a fun look to share with you. I named it Rockin' Egyptian look. The name was inspired by one of the eyeshadows I used and because there is a lot of...
Make Up - 24.08.2009

Last year’s EOTD :)

While browsing and searching for something on my disc, I found one make up I did almost a year ago and I didn't show it to you yet (at least that's what I think)....
Sweetscents Ebony Shimmer Firefly swatch

Sweetscents – Ebony Shimmer, Firefly, Forest Matte, Onyx & Diamonds

Ebony shimmer - nice brown taupe colour. It's suitable for everyday use and I like it a lot. Firefly - more bronze colour. I use this one very rarely. Do you have any idea with...
SS Cloud Blue Midnight Blue Confederate Blue swatch

Sweetscents – swatches part 2

2nd round of Sweetscents eyeshadows... White gold: for me nothing special, very light colour and just a touch of gold. Probably it would go very nicely with some dark colour (I tried it with Midnight...

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