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Products: Green and Purple EOTD: Would U Dare to Wear?

Green and Purple EOTD: Would U Dare to Wear?

I was watching some Petrilude's you tube videos and got inspired. Not by any particular look, I just felt like doing something bold ... different ... with combination of lots of colors. And I...
Too Faced Sephora Haul

Too Faced haul and EOTD

I was shopping at Sephora yesterday. Among other (two nail polishes, a lip gloss and an eyeshadow) I bought my first Too Faced product! I'm excited! Look, what I got!

Sweetscents eyeshadows over TFI and CS Eye-Poxy

After comparing TFI and UDPP, time has come to compare Too Faced Shadow Insurance to CS Eye-Poxy. For a while Coastal Scents Eye-Poxy Shadow Primer was my favorite primer. It gave life to mineral eyeshadows...

Sweetscents eyeshadows over TFI and UDPP

We had a debate on the ARS forum, where some of the participants mentioned that their mineral eyeshadows look duller on TFI than UDPP or CS Eye-Poxy. I decided to compare TFI and UDPP....

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, UDPPS and TF Shadow Insurance

Since I have very oily eyelids, I'm constantly in search of perfect eyeshadow base. My last shopping spree brought 2 new primers in my collection - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Sin and Too Faces Shadow...

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