Urban Decay

Quick everyday make up look: Video tutorial by Maestra

Video tutorial: Everyday make up in less than 10 minutes

I was asked a couple of times, what to do when you only have 10 minutes to do the make up. Here are some tips for a quick everyday make up: If you have problematic...
Urban Decay - The Black Palette

Review and swatches: Urban Decay – The Black Palette

"A gorgeous palette of eyeshadow... dipped in black. Dangerous sparkly-shift jewel tones and a sooty, blacker-than-black matte." Black Dog is a black matte shade. When you apply it, it's like you'd apply charcoal. Barracuda is a...
Illamasqua present

Black box “in the mailbox”: It’s Illamasqua!!!

Yesterday was a special day! It's was Parokeets' birthday! I can't believe it's been two years since we started our little blog. It's been amazing two years. When I look back I'm really proud...
Products for the Hot Pink and Purple make up by Maestra

FOTD: Extremely daring hot pink

Well, pink really isn't my color and I don't know what happened to me a few days ago, when I created this particularly bold hot pink look. And what worries me the most is...
Urban Decay - Naked Palette

Urban Decay – Naked Palette (pure love)

Can you believe it? I got it!!! I've been using it for a couple of days now and I think I love it. It's going to be perfect for business trips etc....
Make up: Urban Decay - Freakshow, Flash, Painkiller, Ecstasy; Too Faced - Pin-Up

EOTD with my new Urban Decay stuff

You wanted it, here you have it. I used my new Urban Decay stuff for today's make up. Urban Decay - Painkiller (blue) Urban Decay - Flash (lighter purple) Urban Decay - Freakshow (darker...
Maestra's haul from Paris

Shopping in Paris (haul photos and swatches)

I promised you in my previous post, that I'll show you, what I bought in Paris. Here it is ... Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow: Graffiti and Freakshow Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box Urban Decay Liquid Liner...

En kup Urban Decay lakov za nohte + EOTD

Saj vem, da sem napisala, da sem zaključila z Urban Decay laki za nohte. Odločila sem se, da zberem vse fotografije Urban Decay lakov, ki sem jih predstavila do sedaj, v...

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