NOTD: Zoya – Ki

Sometimes you have to work really hard to capture the essence of the polish. One of the more demanding ones was Zoya - Ki. This is duochrome shade, that hides in its depths green and...
Swatch: Zoya - Kotori (layered over black)

Zoya – Kotori

Zoya - Kotori looks gorgeous in the bottle. Black with irregular shaped blue shimmer. Very pretty! BUT unfortunately this beauty is very sheer. Even if you put on like 4 or even five coats,...
Zoya Valerie (Flame collection) parokeets

Her majesty – Zoya Valerie (Flame collection)

Zoya Valerie has been on my WL for a while now and it is finally mine! I'm sorry to say that I was unable to capture all the beauty of this shade....
Zoya Bela in Black Swan on parokeets blog

Zoya Bela in Black Swan

Black Swan movie is coming to our cinemas next week. I heard good things about this movie, but the main news in nail blogger scene is the bottle of Zoya Bela seen in one of...
Zoya Casey swatch

Zoya: Casey

I have to show you something really pretty today. What do you think of Zoya: Casey? While I was going through my Zoya collection, I realized I never wore Casey. Since I felt kind of...
Swatch: Zoya - Crystal (Winter 2010 Flame collection)

Zoya – Crystal (Flame collection)

I loved it the first time I saw it. I knew I have to have it. So here it is, Zoya - Crystal from the Winter 2010 Flame collection. It's a light blue metallic...
Comparison: Essence Choose Me! vs. Zoya Charla vs. OPI CMIYN swatch

Comparison: Essence Choose Me! vs. Zoya Charla vs. OPI CMIYN

Essence Choose me! beauty is dupe for Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net (=CMIYN) polishes. Photo is kind of funny, but unfortunately that is the only one I have...
Swatch: Zoya - Charla

Zoya – Charla

I already showed you my absolute winner from Zoya's Sparkle collection. It's of course Ivanka. Today I'll show you another great shade from the same collection. The shade is called Charla. OPI's Catch Me...

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