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Mix of the day: FOTD, OOTD and “what’s in the shopping bag?”

While I was walking home I've had a vision of today's post. (I have visions like that all the time. ) It started as one picture, two, three ... word here and there ... Although I already had an idea of today's post, I though this...

OOTD: Green and Yellow

One outfit, two different shoes. On the left I'm wearing green high heels from my shoe closet, on the right I'm wearing yellow sneakers. Today I wore the yellow sneakers. I wore the green high heels only for the photoshoot purposes. :D I love to "pimp" my outfits with some...

OOTD: Friday Night Outfit

You know what? I'm really not a party animal. Those days are long gone. In this department I'm very boring. I prefer to stay at home and snuggle with my boyfriend on our comfortable couch over a party night out. Yes, that's who I am. But that doesn't stop...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 2 June 2011

It's been a long time since I posted an outfit of the day post. There's no specific reason for that. I just always forget that from time to time you might also be interested in seeing some outfits. I've had some extra time today before leaving home and I...

Prom make up

I've had the honour to do the make up for my cousin's prom. I have to say that I was a bit nervous, because I don't do a lot of make up on others. On the other hand I was calm, because my cousin looks beautiful even without make...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 21 Sept 2010

This outfit is from a couple of days ago. Enjoy the weekend!

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 7 Sept 2010

Blurple Only jeans. Adidas sneakers. Mexx bag. New Yorker pink jeans jacket. Orsay shirt (pink). Zara T-shirt (blue), which I painted myself. Necklace made by me. Silk scarf painted by me. p.s. Click on the photo to make it bigger.

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 18 Aug 2010

Here's what I was wearing yesterday. Not what I would wear normally, but I liked it. I don't know why, but it looked so 80's to me. :D Maybe because of the ponytail. Gejba said, that I looked like a rocker chick. :D What do you think?