Autumn in mountains

Fall is my favorite season. Even when valley is filled with fog, slopes are bathing in sun rays. No - this isn't one of the islands in Mediterranean see - this is view of Ljubljana...

You just have to find them

It sounds easy but it's not. First all the criteria for mushroom growth have to be met and then you have to find them. You have to have a gift for mushroom gathering ......
Mix of the day: Catrice, Gosh, Essence, NOTD by Maestra

Mix of the week

I was MIA for a couple of days. I spent a couple of wonderful days with my family. Now I'm back and I'd like to show you some random photos...

Gift idea

Out of ideas for a present? Take a look at the below photo. I found the idea in Slovenian magazine called Cvetje za poletje 2011. The person that received this gift loved it. I find it...

His Majesty: Elderberry

Who is familiar with this tree/shrub? Yes - it's elderberry. Now is time to gather it and dry it for tea. You have to dry it in dark and ventilated space. It drys pretty quick and...
Deborah Pret A Porter: Lilac Seduction, Iris Bon Bon, '70 Grape Sweater

Purple shades of Deborah Pret A Porter Collection

Even thou Gejba already mentioned Deborah Pret A Porter Collection in her post and movie, I had to show you swatches of my favorite Pret A Porter polishes one more time... I'm talking about...

Spring in Dalmatia, Croatia

Far away from crowds, obligations ... just having fun time and relaxing. Good morning Dalmatia! All good things have to end ... way too fast for my taste ...  Goodbye Dalmatia!

First day of spring

Spring is coming to out country - all fresh and sunny. Finally temperatures are going up and I'll be able to keep windows open all the time. Breath in the fresh air and...

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