Finland in one picture

Holidays in Finland impressed us soooo much. For the beginning of this entry, let me just show you a photo named "Finland in one picture". Hope you will enjoy. We were really impressed with everything...
China_Glaze_L8R G8R

Mushrooms from the hidden corners

When fall comes, I tend to spend a lot of time in the nature. Last week we went looking for mushrooms ... and hit a jackpot. Where did we find them? Here. Nope,...
Zoya: Adina, bottle

NOTD: Zoya – Adina

I had this polish on the table for a long long time, but it was never the right time for it. There is simply not much color in this polish and I like bright...

Nfu-Oh Nail Polishes 282 and 50

Nfu-Oh flakies are something special in my collection - I don't have anything similar jet. Well, Essence Glisten Up! does have flakies, but they're more shy kind. (Last bottle is not polish but Flower Oil...
H&M - Red Nail; swatch, bottle

Today is the day for H&M – Red Nail

I love red polishes. I used to believe that there is no prettier polish color than red, but my horizon has stretched very far since then. Nevertheless my love for the red polishes is...
Petunija, Petunia

H&M – Material Girl, swatch and review

I'm impressed with H&M nail polishes. If you ran into them, I recommend you try them out. Today I have for you Material Girl. Color? Hmm - it's not really red or...
Essie - The Resort Collection

Swatches and review: Essie – The Resort Collection 2010

How many of you loves gentle shades on your nails? A lot? I thought so. Essie is offering us four new shades in trendy colors. At first glance I thought them to...

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