Nail polish jewelry by Ginger Kitty Designs (bracelet with Clarins - 230)

Nail polish jewelry by Ginger Kitty Designs

Have you ever heard of jewelry made with nail polishes? Your favourite nail polish color in a ring, bracelet or necklace. Or just for fun a ring that is an exact match to your...
Simple orange look by Maestra

FOTD: Simply orange (+ NOTD and my new ring)

Yesterday was a very lovely day. I spent the afternoon with my lovely Parokeets ladies and we had such a great time!!! Thank you ladies for everything! Lately I don't wear much...
Lencia ring and manicure: H&M - You Rock My World + Barry M - crackle

Mine again (+ NOTD)

The one and only ring that I have worn almost through the whole high school years. It's mine again. Well not exactly that ring, but one just like it. The story is ... My...
Necklace with bows

Favorite jewellery at the moment

There's not a lot to say or write about the jewellery that I wear the most right now. Here are the photos ... I'd like to add only one thing. These are all cheap items...
Accessorie, Nakit home made

Fashion Accessories

My new obsession are accessories. Mostly rings and necklaces. As you already know Maestra is very good at making all sorts of accessories. Well I'm not. First two were made by girl that...
Necklace made by Maestra

Necklaces made by Maestra

Without any introduction, here are some photos of my recent creations ... Heavy beauty - because it is heavy :D Purple wooden coins - because the large wooden purple round pieces remind me of coins I have...
ODM Pixel wrist watch

My other obssesion – wrist watches

I usually wear them instead of jewellery (bracelet). First two are the oldest: Gucci and Casio (second one is man's watch, memory on a very special person in my life). Third and fourth I wear the...
Flormar 127

Atropa Belladonna – necklace

Made by Ana. Check out her blog to see more cute stuff. She made it the way I wanted - so thank you again. And also NOTD that goes with it - nail polish Flormar #127.

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