Bourjois La Lacque new nail polishes

Bourjois La Lacque nail polishes (new 2015)

Bourjois La Laque nail polishes reached our little country! I fell in love with pretty nail polish bottles in a shape of triangle (with rounded corners), embossed name of the brand on one side,...
Catrice VISIONairy nail polishes

Catrice VISIONairy manicure

Catrice VISIONairy LE has been out for a while now in Slovenia. I bought 2 nail polishes and they began their downtime on my "untried shelf". I'm not sure when would have I tried...
Tara - tulips manicure 2

Guest post: Tulips in Sunset

I would say Tara is one of the Slovenian beauty bloggers I like the most when in comes to the nail art, but it goes even beyond that - she is one of my...
Isadora Gold Crush 116 snowflakes,snowman

Gold sand nail polish with snowman :)

IsaDora is of of those brands that I like, buy from them all the time, but for some reason just doesn't end up on blog that often. I decided it is time that I...
Maestra's Halloween manicure

After more than a year … can I still do it?

Yesterday my husband took my little boy to his grandparents, so I had a couple of hours for myself. "OMG! What am I going to do with all this time?! :D" Although I was...
MoYou London haul

MoYou London haul

A while ago I ordered 4 stamping plates and stamper+scraper from MoYou London. I love, love their plates! They're very well made and I finally have images that are too big for my nails....
Revlon Charming nail polish

Revlon Charming nail polish + stamping

One of the questions I was asked few times over the almost 5 years since this blog exists was why don't we write more about Revlon. Since this is one of the top drugstore...
New Essence image plates (spring 2013)

New Essence image plates (spring 2013)

I was browsing through Essence stands couple of weeks ago and spotted 2 new image plates. I could not find other two anywhere ... I'm assuming there are 4 of them as they usually...

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