My new Chez-Delaney beauties

Not long ago mailman brought me four new Chez-Delaney plates. H4 Some of the images have very interesting relief - I can hardly wait to try them out. The only image I'm not...

Oval nail wheel part 2

This is the second part of the BIH haul. This wheel consists mostly from cool undertone polishes. As you can see, I got a lot less of those, so the wheel remained unfinished.

Ombia – glass file and nail polish remover pads

Last week I bought Ombia glass file in Hofer store. File is protected with plastic shield. I'm not really sure what is its function, since glass files are known for its fragility, so it really...

Nail polish corrector pen – Essence and LCN

While watching pictures of "polish disasters" on one of the Slovenian forums, I asked myself, are nail polish corrector pens really such a huge secret or are some people afraid of them for one...

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