Rules for Instagram giveaways


  • you have to LIKE @gabi.nedic
  • comment
  • invite 2 friends
  • additional entries will be specified under each giveaway photo

You are disclosing your data to me and not Instagram, but your personal info will not be disclosed to a third party.

You have to LIKE my profile to be able to participate. If you unlike it before the giveaway winner is announced, your entry is automatically deleted.

There is usually only one winner which is picked randomly by computer program.

You can enter only once in the chosen giveaway.

You have to respond in 48 hours after I send you email. If you do not, the second one picked will be contacted and given opportunity to receive the prize …

Giveaways are International:

  • please note that you are responsible for all eventual costs of customs taxes (I am from EU). It’s not likely to happen (and it never has so far), but it can. Some of the countries do not care that what you are receiving is a gift;
  • we’re not responsible if your customs rejects the package.

You must be over 18 to enter the giveaway.

We’re paying for the shipping and if it is not otherwise stated.