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Milani 11 Precious (Amore Matte Lip Cream)

G ejba is my on-line nickname for over 10 years now. It has become such an integral part of me, that if you called me Gejba on street, I would be just as likely to turn around as I would be for Gabi (my real name). :)

Quite a few of my fellow bloggers likes to tease me that I am “blog mom”. No really sure if they are implying that I am old (40th candle is not that far away) or just that I am forever advising them on one thing or another. As majority of my fellow Slovenian beauty bloggers belong into category of kind souls, I am choosing door no. 2.

If you asked me about my life few years ago, I would tell you that my job in family business + on-line marketing keeps me insanely busy. Today, that title goes to my 2 year old daughter, who makes sure that not only my waking ours are busy, but night time looks like something from nut house too. Still waiting to that 3 year mark when they are suppose to start sleeping throughout the night. :P

In my case, curiosity did not kill the cat, but was major part in my obsession of trying out tons of similar products so I can see the difference. As I do not have many bad habits and I share my findings with our readers, I do not feel guilty (much) for that one tiny slip.

My holy grails are mat lipstick that do not dry my lips out, easy to blend mat eyeshadow, perfectly formulated and colour combined face and eye palettes, interesting nail polishes that do not chip quickly and perfect very light toned and feeling foundations for my sensitive/dehydrated/normal-oily skin.

Make up is lifesaver in my book when I need to hide bags under my eyes or volcanoes growing on my face, but I do not see it as something I would die if I went out without. And you will see me without makeup quite a lot – I will not feel bad about it, how I’ll look is another thing. :D

Due to my problems with hormonal imbalances, my skin cam be described only with one word – wacky.

I belong to the group of people with very sensitive skin, normal to oily type, but pretty much always dehydrated.

Less ingredients product has, more I like it. I should probably mention that I am little bit of ingredient snob. If INCI shows some of the ingredients I hate, there is almost no possibility of me testing it.

Alcohol is not on the “black list”, but I still prefer if the product contains very little of it unless formulation calls for it or is hard to skip (SPF, salicylic acid …).

My style could be described as eclectic, boring and comfy. :D

I prefer clothes from natural materials and dyed in quality way. If you combine that with my XL size and you land in “you but what you get” universe. My favourite brands are: Gerry Weber group (Taifun, Samoon), s.Oliver, Lebek … I know, I know – grandma style. :P

To my great misfortune, my foot stopped growing at site 42,5/43 (US women 11) in wide model. Can you thing worse fate for somebody who thing shoes are the it piece that make or brakes the outfit?

Če je že vsak drugi del telesa težaven, le zakaj bi bili lasje izjema? :P

Veliko mehkih in neubogljivih las, ki rastejo hitreje kot plevel (če si tako siv kot jaz, je to hud minus) in dehidrirajo s svetlobno hitrostjo (barvanje definitivno ne pomaga) je zelo težko ukrotiti brez ogromno vloženega časa v sušenje in oblikovanje … časa, ki ga jaz nimam.

O štrlečih laskih, ki me vedno znova uspejo narediti neurejeno sploh ne bi.

Pravega raziskovanja sem se šele pošteno lotila, a za enkrat kaže, da imajo moji lasje drag okus.


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