About Parokeets

Why Parokeets blog was born

First blog post on Parokeets blog was posted on 04.01.2009 and we have been blogging ever since in English and Slovenian language.

Parokeets started as blog written by 5 friends. At the time there were no beauty blogs, but we liked the idea behind them so we joined forces as we knew that none of us had time to run one singlehandedly

Why Parokeets name

How do you name blog written by 5 vibrant ladies who love makeup and all the colors out there? We had no idea so our husbands helped out. One said we were as colorful as parrots and other that we need even more specific description – we look like lorikeets. So we combined the 2 and became Parokeets. :D

After a couple of years, only Maja and I were makeup-crazed enough to keep writing our little beauty blog. We may not have degrees in connected fields, but we firmly believe that you have to compare lots of similar products to recognize the best one.
I own over 1400 nail polishes, over 50 liquid foundations at any given time, and even more lipsticks, not to mention an entire cabinet of creams, serums, and SPF protection.
Does that make us experts at comparing? :D

Gabi Nedič aka Gejba
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Authors of Parokeets blog, Gabi(Gejba) and Maja(Maestra)

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