Monthly Archives: June 2011

Artistic make-up: Sadistic Daemon

Sadistic Deamon make-up by Maestra (Illamasqua - Sadist, Daemon)

I wanted to play with bright and crazy colors today. The only good quality bright colored eyeshadows in my make-up collection are by Illamasqua and Inglot. And I only own two powder eyeshadows by Illamasqua. My first was the gorgeous matte red called Daemon (red eyeshadow in the second photo below) and the second one I bought while I was ...

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Adventures of a Beauty UK palette

Adventures of a Beauty UK Earth Child palette: Statue of Liberty in the back

You might remember that I was in the States a month ago. I already showed you some photos of my trip and maybe I’ll show you some more in the future. We’ll see. Today I have some fun (at least I hope so) photos for you from my trip. Do you remember the Beauty UK Earth Child palette I showed ...

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Preview: Essence Nails In Style TE

Essence Nails In Style TE preview nail polishes

In the beginning of July Essence is launching trend edition with main focus on the nails. They named it Nails In Style TE. Polishes? Yes please! Once again they named one of the shades “holo”, but looks duochrome to me (first one from the right). My biggest lemming form this collection are not polishes though – I need to have ...

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Swatches and review: Beauty UK eyeshadow palettes

Beauty UK eye shadow collection (eyeshadow palettes)

Today I’d like to present you all six of the Beauty UK palettes. First I’d like to tell you that at first I was really sceptical about them. I know almost everyone is raving about them, but you know what? In general people love cheap stuff. I mean, I do too. But still. Too often people are too forgiving to ...

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Review and swatches: Manhattan & Buffalo nail polishes

Manhattan And Buffalo Collection nail polish

Manhattan is bombarding is with new limited editions … and I love it. I bought 3 out of 6 polishes from Manhattan & Buffalo or shortened M&Buffalo limited edition. I guess I don’t have to tell you why I bought Manhattan 78J shade – cyan blue polishes are one of my weakest points … and I have to have all ...

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Preview: Essence Ballerina Backstage TE

Essence Ballerina Backstage preview nail polishes by Parokeets

Essence is coming out with THREE trend editions this July!  First preview I have for you is of Essence Ballerina Backstage TE. Dark vs light, lace and ballerinas. Sounds familiar? I want all the polishes (yes, I want even the lighter ones ), but this time I have lemming for all the soufflés too – eyeshadows and blush. Lip glosses, ...

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His Majesty: Elderberry


Who is familiar with this tree/shrub? Yes – it’s elderberry. Now is time to gather it and dry it for tea. You have to dry it in dark and ventilated space. It drys pretty quick and when you mix it with line/linden blossom, balm-mint and peppermint you get great homemade tea. Another thing you shouldn’t miss out on: You make ...

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