New nail polishes for fall 2014

Fall nail polish collections 2014

One of the most requested posts in the latest FB giveaway were fall lipsticks and nail polishes. I started preparing both posts, but until they’re ready, let’s take a look at upcoming fall 2014 limited editions. Alessandro Material Girl From the look of it, Alessandro chose 5 creme nail polishes ranging from light pink, blue, dark purple. To spice things ...

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Makeup Revolution Find True Love nail polish

Makeup Revolution Find True Love nail polish bottle by Gejba

I read a lot of stuff about Makeup Revolution nail polishes, and quite frankly not many of review were positive. I received one of their polishes a while ago for review. As my nails were disaster at the time and then I read quite a few people were dissatisfied with application it sat for a while on my desk. It ...

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Illamasqua Glamore Naked and Starkers lipstick swatches

Illamasqua Nude and Starkers lipsticks

Lot’s of time people ask me, how come I love Illamasqua’s lipstick so much when they’re so dry and matte. I’ll admit to reaching for matte shades when I need assurance that my bright and bold lipstick will stay in place for hours, but for everyday use, I would go for their Glamore line (Climax being somewhere in between). They’re ...

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Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette – Hot Spice

Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice sun

Lot’s of times drugstore products don’t end up in my basket because they’re just not pigmented enough. Not sure if that is a plus or not with blushes, but Makeup Revolution Hot Spice palette definitively belongs into pigmented category. And considering it costs 9 EUR it’s firmly in “not pricey” range. First thing that caught my eye was durable packaging. ...

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Alessandro Royal Stars silver and duochrome nail polish

Alessandro Royal Stars - Fabulous Jewel nail polish on bag

Sorry Silver Surfer, but Fabulous Jewel was my favorite from Royal Stars limited edition. This little baby is duochrome with gold, copperish and green tones and I adore the reddish or magenta (I know, world of difference but I sometimes see one and sometimes other ) sparkle in bright or artificial light aka when I’m washing my hands in bathroom. ...

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Gejba’s top lip balms

Gejba - best lip balms for dry lips

Since the beginning of time I had Sahara dry lips. Which is bad by itself, and then I go and forget to drink enough water and to use lip balm on hourly basis and problem escalates to “lips that hurt like hell”. I spent a lot of money and time finding right products for me, so I won’t tell you ...

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