Best fastdrying topcoat for that gel/glossy manicure

At any given time, there are at least 5 top coats in my collections. Different nail polish formulas call for a different topcoat. At least that is the story I am sticking with. :P
By far, the longest love affair is the one with Poshe Fast Drying topcoat. After 30+ bottles and more than 10 years, it is finally time for a review. I know, I know .. snail speed.

As a fan of thicker topcoat formulas and brushes, it is no surprise Poshe falls into both of them. 2 strokes, and I am done -> less chance to ruin color nail polish, nail art … I mastered the right amount for my nails and deposited just the right thickens which dries manicure super-fast, leaves glossy/gel finish and it extends manicure for a day or two.

The only real downside is that it can shrink nail polish beneath it. I mostly solve the problem with time tinkering – how soon should I put topcoat over the still wet nail polish, should I use a little bit less of it …

The only other topcoat that came close in speed was Seche Vite Dry Fast topcoat. But as Seche contains toluene … I’ll pass.

While super-fast drying time was the main draw for me, you always complimented this topcoat for its glossy almost gel looking shine. Even my postman askes me if I had “gelish” when I use Poshe. :D

Over the 10+ years, most of the nail polish swatches you saw from me were made with this topcoat. So I went with nail polishes that are probably still around. The majority of my nail polish collection is already in the oldtimer category, so it was not easy. :D

I run a Facebook group for the beauty lover, and they voted Essence Extreme Shine Top Coat and
Catrice Power Gel 2in1 Base & Top Coat as the best top coats for 2019. Guess which 2 I will be testing next. :D Did you try any of them?

Which top coat is your favorite? 

Color Riche Le Vernis a lHuile 114 Nude Demoiselle nail polish swatch
Color Riche Le Vernis a l’Huile 114 Nude Demoiselle + Poshe fast drying topcoat
Essence This Is Me 04 Crazy nail polish + Poshe fast drying top coat
Essence This Is Me 04 Crazy nail polish + Poshe fast drying topcoat
Jessica Phenom - Jessica Red nail polish + Poshe fast drying top coat
Jessica Phenom – Jessica Red nail polish + Poshe fast drying topcoat

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