Sunscreen comparison: NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50 and NIOD Survival 30

One of the most asked questions I get about SPF comparison is the battle between NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection and NIOD Survival 30. Which of the 2 would I recommend more? They both seem to you as very similar oil textures, while I see that as the only similarity. :D

NIOD Survival 30 SPF 30 PA+++

Glass bottle with a pump you can lock (will have to secure it more for travel) hides formula that is unique in the world of SPF.
When you first apply the product, you get the impression of oily formula (by silicons) with a slight tint to it (but it is not pigment-based, which makes it easier to spread). It looks a little bit too light on me immediately after application, but oxidases quickly into a little bit darker color.

If I use 7 pumps which equates to half a teaspoon measurement which is needed to achieve the SPF declared, it leaves a slightly sticky feeling and doesn’t completely sink into the skin. A little bit of finishing powder and the problem is fixed.

In case I don’t need strong protection (late afternoon or early in the morning), I use only 4 pumps. That gives me a beautiful slightly dewy-ish look that will be a wonderful addition to my fall/winter routine.
I would say dry to normal skin will love this gem the most.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide (9,76%), Titanium Dioxide (5,44%) + it contains carotenoids and Pycnogenol which really spiked my interest.
Price: 30 EUR for 30ml (not a cheap product but worth the price)

NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50 PA++++

No pump in NeoStrata’s plastic packaging, but it is functional and safe to travel with.
The application starts similarly as Survival one, but as NeoStrata has an actual tint, it is not as easy to spread.

I can’t apply it directly to a clean face and have to prepare patchy areas with something underneath SPF.

But if a do a good job with the application, it doesn’t make me look like a prune and the only effect is matte skin … yes, my oily skin becomes matte proof.
Replication is not possible for me and is a match color-wise.

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (7%), Zinc Oxide (6%), + 2 PHA acids!
Price: 35 EUR for 50ml.

Verdict after one year: I repurchase Survival all the time, Neostrata less so as it really dances all over my face. I do blott it a little bit to remove the oiliness but I am not sure what that does to SPF protection. :/ 

Physical sunscreen color comparison NIOD Survival 30, Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50, Make prem UV defens me
Physical sunscreen color comparison (from left to right): Make prem UV defens me SPF 50, Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50, NIOD Survival 30
Physical sunscreen color comparison (from left to right): Darphin Intral SPF 50, NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50, NIOD Survival 30

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