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Last spring word reached us in Ljubim kozmetiko Facebook group that Croatian DM drugstores got Hada Labo skincare. Some even organized road trips to get their hands on their goodies; we were that excited. :D
Towards the end of 2019, we finally got the brand in Slovenian DM drugstores.

Immediately confusion set in … why are our products different than the Japanese ones? Why is one called Hada Labo and the other Hada Labo Tokyo? Do we have lower quality products in Japan?

I did whole research as the only thing I knew was that Hada Labo Tokyo was the sister brand meant for the USA and EU market. We want different things to form our products, + our cosmetic legislation differs from the Japanese one, so they tweaked some products to make them compatible.
Every single product I own is either made in Japan or the USA. I would dearly wish to see cult cleansing oil and their hyaluronic foam in Tokyo version as well …

Hada Labo Tokyo by Gabi Gejba Nedic Parokeets
It is not a pretty photo, but this is the best way to show you all the products available in Slovenia and 2 different lines we have – white and red one.

The “red” line is an anti-aging one and the main reason I decided to test Hada Labo Tokyo products. Why? Because one of the most asked questions is: What is the best way to start with anti-aging actives and get in DM stores? My answer is usually … good luck. :D
Hada Labo anti aging line contains retinyl palmitate … mild retinoid. It is appropriate for those in their late 20’s or those who don’t want the hassle of dealing with stronger actives.

They kept the original Hada Labo philosophy and left the product without perfume and, of course, left in the hyaluronic trio that boosted them to the top of skincare Japan.

After I posted this in the Slovenian language, I got lots of questions about comparing Hada Labo No. 1 serum with competitive brands. Mainly if it warrants the price tag.
I was confused as No.1 is cheaper than other hyaluronic acid serums and asked me to compare it with. You pay 16 EUR for 150ml, not the usual 50ml. In essence, a third of the price. :D

Another recurring question was if I am not bothered with paraben in a few of their products. Short answer – no. :D
The best preservative for my skin is the combo with methylparaben. It is less likely to irritate my skin than phenoxyethanol on its own (CeraVe new formulation with phenoxyethanol is not as good for me as the old one with methylparaben). As long as I eat (methyl)paraben in blueberry tones, I think it would be hypocritical of me to crucify it in cosmetics. :D

Third one – can hyaluronic acid cause breakout? Of course. It could be an issue with HA in general, only some of the molecular masses, or simply not the right combo of ingredients for you. I don’t break out from HA in general, so I am not the right person to ask about breakouts from Hada Labo products.

Hada Labo Slovenija Antiaging vs No1 lotion super hydrator Parokeets blog
Hada Labo Tokyo Slovenia Anti-aging vs No.1 lotion Super Hydrator: 1 pump, runnier is No.1

HADA LABO Tokyo Lotion Anti-Aging Super Hydrator is pretty liquidy and feels more like rich toner than serum. It sinks in quickly into the skin and leaves a soft feel to it.
Formulations like these scream for fast look-down with something with occlusive power (to lock the moisture in). And don’t forget to leave the mace damp to get the most from it.
Besides retinyl palmitate and hyaluronic acid, this serum contains hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin E, beta carotene, and little something of alpha-lipoic acid.

HADA LABO Deep Wrinkle Corrector Eye& Mouth area cream … mouthful name, but this was one of the products I really wanted to try out.
Yellow tinted gel cream doesn’t leave a film on my skin, only smooth skin. I’ll see how it performs in the long run, but I like it so far. Concealers worked pretty well with it.
BUT – this is not nourishing cream. So please don’t mistake it for such.

Ingredient-wise it is similar to the above serum from the same line.

HADA LABO Tokyo Lotion No. 1 Super Hydrator

It doesn’t get simpler than this hyaluronic serum. Not a lot of ingredients, no scent, leaves the skin hydrated … and it is paraben-free for those of you who are looking for that in a product.
As it goes with anti-aging serum – lock that moisture in.

I see this as more appropriate for the younger crowd with oily skin terrified of more nourishing products. Or for those with all in anti-aging routine who are looking for something moisturizing over tretinoin.

Hyaluronic acid on the wet or damp face? I leave the decision in your hands. Personally, I can’t stand it on wet skin. :D

HADA LABO Tokyo Smoothing Anti-fatigue Eye Cream

Funnily enough, this eye cream leaves a little more nourishing feel on the skin than the anti-aging one but is still moisturizing.
I like this one bit more as it worked better with dryer concealers.

You will find in it caffeine, hyaluronic acid, arginine, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosylceramide … simple and straightforward … no issue from my side. :D

Hada Labo Smoothing anti fatigue eye cream sestavine, vrstni red uporabe
Hada Labo Tokyo Smoothing anti fatigue eye cream INCI, which product should be used first

COMPARISON of the 2 lines: there were no issues with eye creams, anti-aging went into the night routine and smoothing into day one. I need caffeine help in the morning and vitamin derivatives in the evening.

Serums were not that easy to compare, but the anti-aging one won half of the face duel. The skin was smoother; pores looked nicer …

HADA LABO Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

The cleansing gel is more gel cream, but it doesn’t leave a film on my skin as the foam does. It is without perfume as all other Hada Labo products, but I can still smell something that goes hand in hand with higher-priced cleansers – not a pleasant smell but not overpowering either. I made a huge test, and everybody in my vicinity had to smell it … only one other beside me scented it. So it is more an issue of my chemical sensitivity than a wide range issue.

Would you recommend and other Hada Labo Tokyo product? 

Hada Labo Slovenija DM pena vs cistilni kremni gel
Hada Labo Tokyo Slovenia “Japanese” foam vs cleansing gel

All products have a shelf life of 9 months after opening the product.

Hada Labo Slovenija sponsored this post. As usual, my opinions can’t be bought.

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