Meet Parokeets

Welcome to Parokeets beauty blog!

Parokeets blog is active from January 2009 and is currently written by four authors from Slovenia: Gejba, Maestra, Mamy, Goga.

Here is what each Parokeet lady has to say about herself:

GEJBA: My love for make up started with discovery of mineral make up. I simply love the pigmentation and gorgeous colors available in MMU, so I became obsessed with it. And when you start using MMU, you’re bound to increase the number ob makeup brushes … at least I did. :silly: It didn’t take long to meet the other Parokeets and my make-up obsession hit the roof. I guess I don’t have to spell it out which Parokeet is the guilty party for my nail polish obsession, right? :biggrin:

I speak Slovenian, English, Serbo-Croatian (sorry, I learned it more than 20 years ago) and basic German. For other languages I’ll be using Google Translate so beware of crazy grammar. :silly:

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MAESTRA: How did it all start? If I’m honest, it all started with Essie nail polishes. My first darker and bolder shade was Essie’s Bahama Mama. Back then I couldn’t paint my nails at all. My application was a mess. Someone said that practice makes perfect and I couldn’t agree more. I was very persistent and started painting my nails on a daily basis, which improved my application skills a lot. Not only were my application skills improved but also my stash of nail polishes started to grow faster and faster. I wanted to have all the polishes in the world (and I still do). All the beautiful swatches out there in the internet are to blame for that. I still remember my first eBay purchase. I just wanted to try something and by mistake bought OPI – Grape Lakes polish, which I still haven’t worn because I don’t like it. The polish brings back memories, when I still could carry my stash in one beauty bag. :biggrin: That was a few years back. Now I need “a few” bags to fit my stash. Somewhere in between I met wonderful ladies, which are now part of the Parokeets group. And since then … well, my horizon has expanded a lot! Now I’m in love with mineral make up as well and a lot of other make up related things. The Parokeets blog also sparked my love for photography and graphic design. I also write articles for a Slovenian beauty portal. And it keeps going and going …

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MAMY: I always try to be positive and take on any interesting projects that comes my way. I try to be optimistic and see more than doom and gloom that sometimes enters our lives. EMAIL: mamy(at)

GOGA: Email: [/author]

Our Sasa unfortunately is not part of Parokeets blog for a long time now, but you can still see her cute manicures HERE.

This post is also available in SLO.



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