Želela sem preizkusiti nekaj brazilskih lakov za nohte, medtem ko je prijazna punca iz Brazilije želela dodati svoji zbirki evropske znamke. Lahko si mislite kaj je sledilo … swap seveda.

Spoznajte nove rezidente v moji zbirki lakov.

Nail polish swap Brazil 2012
Swap Brazil: Ludurana, Hits, Impala …

Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Hits No Olimp lakov sem se najbolj veselila. Takoj ko sem dobila paket, sem jih nanesla na oval.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal: Superior, Admiravel, Magnifica, Supremo, Maravilhosa, Esplendido
Ludurana Aurora Boreal: Superior, Admiravel, Magnifica, Supremo, Maravilhosa, Esplendido

Uspelo mi je na hitrico posneti kratek video Z Ludurana Aurora Boreal swatchi. Kot vidite so laki precej prosojni po dveh plasteh. Bomo videli kako se obnesejo na nohtih, vendar sumim, da jih bom uporabljala predvsem za slojenje … vsaj holo lake, duochrome mi ni preveč všeč.

Zdaj moram pa hitro sprobati še rdeča lepotca in krpice.

Katere lake ste pred kratkim dobile v swapu? Mi katere še posebej priporočate?


  1. Divan swap :wub:

    Ja sam nedavno imala swap sa jednom curom iz USA, i naradije bi se stalno swapala, ali me ubija naša poštarina. :angry: O carini da ne pričam. :angry:

    Jel tebe puno došla poštarina za Brazil?

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those Ludurana polishes – just have to wait for someone to make it back from Brazil!

  3. they are so cool! They look really good! I never did a swap with someone :ermm: but i would love do one sometime :idea:
    I dont have any holo polish even tho i live next to brazil (in uruguay) lol actually i never saw holos here :think:

  4. I’ve swapped recently with a Brazilian girl, too. The Hits no Olimpo are to die for, really great holos. I wish I could try the flakies and duochromes, too!

  5. Hello I’m happy to have made a new post with his glazes.
    Even read the comments of his followers.
    This brand Ludurana (believe me, if you wish) is new to us in the city where I live (St. Paul). Our country is great and the factory is located in North país.Esta brand is best known European of you (like the Portuguese), for not have toluene and other substances.
    Therefore, we find easily all the collections launched by them. Only in the last three months is that some chain stores began to slowly bring.
    Holo lines and Duo are coming slowly and a high price for our standard.
    But I hope that you and your followers like the result.
    If, any girl want to return, I am available.
    a hug

    • Thanks for the fantastic swap Fernandinha! :ahug:
      I love it that Ludurana is big3free. :thumb:

      Hope you’re having fun with your part of the swap. :nails:

  6. u zadnje vrijeme su ovi Brazilci svuda po interentu i prekrasni su :stars: najradije bi se dole preselila samo radi fantasticnog izbora lakova :biggrin:

  7. Hi!!
    I have tons of friends in Brasil and so I get all kinds of Polish from there. I have the full Aurora Boreal collection and nope, these are not layering polishes. They will look fully opacque in 3 layers that dry ever so fast.
    The only thing that makes me cringe a bit, is the smell, since they are perfumed. But at least it’s not overpowering.
    Did you get the multichromes as well or just the holo? The SHOW multichrome is to die for!
    Hits has also released a multichrome collection just now and it is very appealing too.
    Looking forward to see your swatches!

    • If something needs 3 layers for full opacity … :cute: Smell is funky but I can live with it. :silly:
      Admiravel is only duochrome in the bunch … and I don’t really like it. :sorry:

      Am jealous of your Aurora Boreal collection though. :silly:

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