Interesting gift

Which wouldn’t be interesting at all, if not the source … my boyfriend got it at NT conference (for computer experts). You wondering what did I get? Maybelline Watershine lipstick.

Maybelline Watershine - Ruby PearlI got Ruby Pearl (510A) shade. This pinkish shade is almost invisible on my lips. It gives them glossy look thou.

Maybelline Watershine - Ruby PearlI had to heavily layer lipstick to get the color you see in the swatches. If anything, this lipstick looks like gloss in solid form.

Maybelline Watershine - Ruby PearlGreenish shimmer is very fine and noticeable only if you put on couple of layers.

I usually use this lipstick as a lip balm. It’s moisturizing but vanishes quickly. Smell is hardly there … good thing too, since it’s not very pleasant.

Lipstick was not only thing I got. This green cap was among received items. It reminds me of Maestra’s “poisonous” colored polishes (nick name for her collection of green polishes).

New star is born!

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6 thoughts on “Interesting gift”

  1. :cry: What a shame.  The color looks so pretty in the tube.  It smells funny, ick! Does it have a funny taste? It might be old and you should toss it.  I love lipstick.  That is really my first love.  I have a zillion of them.  There are so many gorgeous colors out there. 

  2. jaaa.. in to zelo roza.. samo potem k daš gor ni tako zelo roza kukr zgleda, je glih taprav cajt tole šminko dobil, ker je imela mami 50. let in je mela roza kombinacija.. tko da super hehe

  3. hahahaaaa… ej veš da je moj dečko tut dobil na NTK konferenci tole šminkico, samo drug odtenek… tak čist rozast.. hahaaa :w00t:


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