Golden Rose holographic polishes were my lemming for quite a while now. Fantastic Mademoiselle C. was kind enough and bought them for me in Ukraine.

And she sent me two other polishes that simply scream – gorgeous.

Take a look at my new beauties.

Ukraine nail polish haul no2

Now I just need to find few more Golden Rose Scale Effect polishes and I have everything I need from Golden Rose … at least until the next lemming. :D

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. :w00t: <- me right now…just add some drool haha.
    Gooosh they are so incredibly beautiful, want them all!!!

  2. Ooo, hello! Me veseli, da smo se spoznali! komaj čakam, da jih vidim še na nohtih! :) Čeprav moja WL ne rabi dodatnih imen. :wink: :whistle:

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