Essence New In Town trend edition is preview of the upcoming products for this fall assortment change. I skipped mascaras, raspberry lip balm was sold out and other two did not look that interesting to me, so I bought both Stay All Day creme eyeshadows + I already had 3 Colour&Go nail polishes from this TE … we already have most of the new Colour&Go line.

Essence New In Town LE

In general I’m pretty satisfied with new Essence Colour&Go nail polishes. I like the brush, bottles are cute and nail polishes are not bad at all (remember the very first Colour&Go nail polishes … now those were really crappy).

Essence Oh My Glitter! was the first one that I tried. Application was OK, also coverage but shrinkage with Poshe top coat was immediate and very visible. I’ll use different top coat next time I reach for this nail polish. Purple shade is more warm than cool … but Oh My Glitter! can go to the cool side also. I’m guessing it’s because it’s packaged with warmer and cooler shimmer/glitter. Removal was not super easy as Oh MY Glitter! does have lots of tiny flakes. 2 coats + top coat.

Essence New In Town LE: Oh My Glitter! nail polish
Essence New In Town LE: Oh My Glitter! nail polish swatch

Another nail polish with flakies inside is Essence Grey-t To Be Here. They loaded gray base with lots of tiny duochrome glitter and the final look is very pleasing to the eye. I did not expect glitter to be so prominent with these two shades so I didn’t add second layer of top coat to smooth out the surface … and as you can see I definitively should have done so. 2 coats + top coat.

Essence New In Town LE: Grey-t To Be Here nail polish
Essence New In Town LE: Grey-t To Be Here nail polish swatch

The last nail polish in Essence Ballerina’s Charm. This nail polish looks little bit darker on my nails than in bottle. If you look at this polish in daylight, the shade becomes lighter and cooler than in my swatch. Silver shimmer is not very noticeable but it does leave it’s mark. 2 coats + top coat.

Essence New In Town LE: Ballerina's Charm nail polish
Essence New In Town LE: Ballerina's Charm nail polish swatch

New Essence Stay All Day creme eyeshadows were warmly welcomed in my secondary primer stash. :D I loved both shades. For Fairies with it’s light pink shade and multitude of golden shimmer which turns eyeshadow in peachy pink shade and The Magic Must Go On with gorgeous purple base and shimmer. I used thicker layer for the swatch as I would on the eyelids … so the camera would pick up actual shades. When set with powder eyeshadow makeup lasts for 8+ hours (I removed it after that but there was still no creasing).

Essence Stay All Day - The Magic Must Go On, For Fairies
Essence Stay All Day - The Magic Must Go On, For Fairies swatch

Did any of you buy lip balms? How do you like them? They look way too frosty on the swatches.


  1. Grey-t to be here moram kupit, res mi je zelo všeč. Zaenkrat sem kupila iz nove kolekcije samo I’m the Boss! in ima naravnost katastrofalen čopič, srčno upam, da sem dobila zgolj slabo stekleničko. Nad Essence čopiči sem bila namreč zmeraj navdušena in če so jih tako poslabšali, mi bo res žal, sploh ker so v novi liniji res super barve. S temile kremnimi senčili me pa čedalje bolj navdušuješ, predvsem za sekundarne baze. :yes: Potem pridejo barve senčil bolj do izraza? Takole vijolično bi namreč potrebovala za eno vijolično senčko, ki je nekam sramežljiva na prvotni bazi.

  2. Morala sem kupiti kremno senčilo. Luštno je. Gejba, tvoji swatchi lakov so veliko lepši, kot obetajo stekleničke v trgovinah. Kupila nisem nobenega. Ampak ko spet pogledam post, bi imela vsaj enega. :nails:

  3. The new nailpolish bottles I do not like, sorry Essence.
    The pink eyehsadow I really really ackingly wanted but I managed to talk myself out of buying it.
    Must stay strong.

    Amm, očitno avtomatično komentiram v ang, če je objava v ang.
    Zanimivo. :)))

  4. Tudi jaz sem kupila Grey-t To Be Here in mi je zelo všeč! :wub: Zraven pa še Love’s Recipe, ki ga še nisem preskusila, in pa rdečkast balzam. Ki se mi sploh ne zdi rdeč, je čisto frosty in če bi prej videla swatche, verjetno ne bi šel z menoj…

  5. Everything looks so gorgeous! :wub:
    I got two new nail polishes but haven’t tried them yet and now, the longer I look at cream eyeshadow swatches I realize I have to get those! :D

    Thanks for beautiful swatches :)

    • I was surprised to see that I like Essence nail polishes more than Catrice ones. And as I think bottles are cute I’m afraid I’ll be buying most of them. :scared:

  6. I love your review but I run to the essence webpage and tried to check this collection out. and there was nothing mentioned about it! :idea: so I changed the page language and in the english edition they got previews of 3 upcoming collections. I can’t wait for the following one. I’m on a constant hunt for a highlighter

    • I always check the EN version as Slovenian only has listed editions coming to our country. :yes:
      This is not usual LE as these products will be sold on regular stands from September till at least March.

  7. Tudio jaz sem si danes nabavila senčko. In sem zeloooo zadovoljna. Zanima me samo postopek nanašanja: najprej baza, nato tole senčilo, in potem senčka v kamnu? Nanašaš s prstom? Je tak način pravi? Ker za vikend potrebujem res obstojem make up, ker se bom udeležila poroke.
    Hvala ta odgovor.


    • Pri meni gre takole:
      1) primarna baza – Too Faces shadow innsurance … zelo na tenko
      2) sekundarna baza – v tem primeru Essence Stay All Day: ker sem rahlo freak, ponavadi s čopičem nanesem senčko na veko in jo s prsti razmažem … komot jo direktno naneseš s prsti … tudi ta plast ni fajn, da je preveč debela (raje 2 tanki, če želiš več barve)
      3) senčila v kamnu ali prahu (kar ti je pač ljubše) nanesi primarno s tapkanjem (razen blendanja seveda) ali pa nalagaj senčko v plasteh.
      Stopnja bledenja je pri meni odvisna od tega kako “kvalitetno” je senčilo – Inglot so mi med najboljšimi, vendar ima recimo MUF, Manhattan&co. tudi dobre primerke. Pri Essence in Catrice se pa tudi občasno najde kaka boljša senčka.

  8. hello :)
    i really like those new little bottles and those colours look great actually i like them more than i thought i would. anyways, yeah lip balms seem to be extremely frosty.
    i wonder about cream shadows. i probably will buy them but i am still hoping for other colours in the range.
    why not :)

    greetings :*

    • Hi! :wave:
      Can you believe that I stumbled upon Fruit Crush just as this post was being published? :biggrin: And gues what – this one is sheer. :lips:

    • Nekaj si je bilo treba spomnit, ker bi drugače še kar razlagala zakaj hudiča uporabljam 2 bazi. :biggrin:
      Meni so njihove kremne senčke res krasne. Sedaj jih imam že 8 (v Circus LE jih je bilo nekaj) in čisto vse uporabljam. :thumb:


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