Thanks to Saša and two of her friends I was finally able to get my claws onto 2 things from my WL … and these two were very high up. Thank you, girls.
I’m currently in 7th heaven while arranging eyeshadows in my long anticipated Inglot palette with all neural/nude matte eyeshadows

Inglot matte eyeshadow palette
Inglot matte eyeshadow palette

… and playing with OPI Black Spotted which caused me a lot of gray hairs by being available only in French Sephora’s (lets forget about those few far and between places where these beauties were popping up). My first attempt was total failure .. until I took OPI’s very thin layers as they were meant … as veeeeery thin layers.

OPI Black Spotted
OPI Black Spotted

I’m content now and finally stopped jumping up and down, blabbing about my new beauties … so now my darling can stop laughing at my excitement.


  1. Začuda me Black Spotted ni pritegnil. Sicer so mi nekatere barvne kombinacije zelo všeč (in praktično vse na tvojem ovalu, super so!), ampak mislim, da se še nisem odpočila od crackle manije, BS me pa preveč nanje spominja.:) Zelo se pa veselim dodatnih poročil senčk! :) :cute:

    • Jaz se neprestano nekaj igračkam z njim … sem ga prav morala postaviti na drugi konec, da naredim swatche, ki čakajo že nekaj časa na svojih 5min. :silly:

  2. ooooooooooh! you’ve got the opi’s spotted! where did you get if from exactly??!! as much as I don’t like the crackle polish and magnetic polish, this is so awesome! I absolutely need to have this polish! :drool:


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