Zoya autumn 2015 (Flair, Focus)

I’ve loved Zoya nail polishes since pretty much forever. They didn’t even had to work hard to reach my top 5 list as they have consistently good formula, colours and finishes are interesting + with wide range of “name polishes” they rock as personalized gift.

Autumn 2015 brings us 2 collections – one with cream finish and other one with metallic one.
FOCUS (cream): Charlie, Desiree, Hannah, Janel, Lidia and Sia.
FLAIR (metallic): Tris, Cinammon, Aggie, Ember, Giada and Estelle.

I won’t even go into Focus formula. What is there to say? Easy to apply, good coverage, dries fast enough and lasts more than 4 days. For me – that is winner combination. Red Hannah is quite neutral shade, but slightly more to the brighter side (coming soon – comparison with OPI Amore at the Grand Canal). Lidia is one of those classical fall purple shades – not to dark and easy to wear.

Flair comes in metallic finish which is as easy to work with as with cream nail polishes, but as long as I keep brush parallel to the nail as possible, there were no issues. Estelle is playful electric blue shade while Cinammon falls into safe but interesting browns.

Both collections are already available in Slovenia. I stood in front the stand and just couldn’t decide if I want greyish/brown tone from Focus or Flair. Hopefully they won’t be sold out by the time I decide which one I love more.

Imate favorita iz Focus ali Flair kolekcije?

Zoya Flair jesen 2015
Zoya Flair autumn 2015
Zoya Focus jesen 2015
Zoya Focus autumn 2015
Zoya fall 2015 nail polishes (new)
Zoya fall 2015 nail polishes (new)
Zoya jesen 2015: Focus,Flair
Zoya autumn 2015: Focus,Flair
Zoya jesen 2015 laki za nohte
Zoya autumn nail polishes 2015
Zoya Lidia (Focus LE) vijolični lak
Zoya Lidia (Focus LE) purple polish
Zoya Hannah (Focus LE) nail polish
Zoya Hannah (Focus LE) nail polish
Zoya Estelle (Flair LE) lak
Zoya Estelle (Flair LE) lacquer

Zoya Estelle (Flair LE) nail polish

Zoya Cinnamon (Flair LE) lak za nohte
Zoya Cinnamon (Flair LE) nail polish swatch

*brown and red polish were sent to me for review, other 2 belong to Nika

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