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OOTD: Green and Yellow

One outfit, two different shoes. On the left I'm wearing green high heels from my shoe closet, on the right I'm wearing yellow sneakers....

OOTD: Friday Night Outfit

You know what? I'm really not a party animal. Those days are long gone. In this department I'm very boring. I prefer to stay...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 2 June 2011

It's been a long time since I posted an outfit of the day post. There's no specific reason for that. I just always forget...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 21 Sept 2010

This outfit is from a couple of days ago. Enjoy the weekend!

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 7 Sept 2010

Blurple Only jeans. Adidas sneakers. Mexx bag. New Yorker pink jeans jacket. Orsay shirt (pink). Zara T-shirt (blue), which I painted myself. Necklace made by me. Silk scarf painted by me. p.s. Click...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 18 Aug 2010

Here's what I was wearing yesterday. Not what I would wear normally, but I liked it. I don't know why, but it looked so 80's...

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 11 Aug 2010

Thanks Mom for this cute T-shirt. And here are my new jeans (Zara) from another angle.

Maestra’s Outfit Of The Day 6 Aug 2010

Comfortable as always ... H&M shirt DKNY jeans DKNY wrist watch Puma sneakers Bracelet and necklace - sorry, I can't remember, where I bought them.

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